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The last morning in The Hague started slowly, as everyone dragged themselves down to breakfast and hastily checked out. We split into groups as some people paid the beach one last visits, a couple went to a motor show, and the others lounged around the hostel regretting their choices from the night before. We all gathered together to make the journey to Utrecht, part-way to Groningen ready for the Wales Korfball training camp.

We had rented an Air BnB for the night, the top floor of a three storey town-house, though it very much had the feel of being a luxury loft rather than an apartment. Rick and Alex had to climb a ladder to reach their bed, where Rick found a piano and started performing for us. After diving into the local shop the boys prepared a massive bolognese feast for everyone. Unfortunately a few people still felt delicate, with one unable to even finish their meal. James increased his reputation for eating slowly by finishing half a Mars ice-cream before putting it back in the freezer for later.

Alex, Rick, and Tom went out to a terraced square filled with bars to soak up the Utrecht atmosphere and contemplate emigrating to the Netherlands.