The EKA hosted the Champions Trophy 2014 last weekend in Whitgift School, Croydon. Winners from Regional Leagues around the country qualified to the CT14, together with 8th place National League team Birmingham City. The tournament was a round robin format, with the winners getting a spot in the National League.

Representing the Western Regional League: Bristol Thunder

Representing the Central England Regional League: Manchester Warriors

Representing the London Regional League: Highbury (4th place as top 3 places were Bec2, Trojans2, Nomads2)

Representing the South East Regional League: Cambridge Tigers

Representing the National League: Birmingham City (8th place).


The eventual winners were Birmingham City who secured their spot in the National League for the second year running. They were undefeated throughout the whole weekend. Second place was Bristol Thunder, followed by Manchester Warriors, Cambridge Tigers and Highbury.

From these 5 teams, an impressive 8 players from the current WKS were taking part;

Birmingham City: Rick Scowcroft, Nick Wilkins & Bethan T Philips (Hannah Ager did not take part).

Bristol Thunder: Ramzi Barbir, Ruth Campbell & Zoe Rose

Manchester Warriors: Kevin Jones & Jo Nash.


Congratulations to Kevin Jones who earned the title of top scorer during the Champions Trophy event.


Furthermore, Carla Bennett of Norwich Knights played in the EKA Grand Finals. Knights finished 4th in the regular season and therefore played Trojans (1st) in the semi finals, and lost to Nomads in the 3rd/4th playoffs.