This year featured Aberystwyth and Cardiff Metropolitan universities competing alongside Cardiff University at BUCS, as university korfball in Wales experiences its ‘Big Bang’ moment. Other universities are aiming to establish teams next season so watch this space…

For now, we were treated to fantastic achievements from the teams who competed this year. Cardiff University, Wales’ oldest and largest club, came through the qualifying rounds with strong performances in arguably the UK’s toughest region. They battled hard to ensure they scored BUCS points at the National Championships for the sixth season running, a feat not to be underestimated and a sign of the strength in depth the club has developed. Cardiff University entered 3 more teams into the competition, in a historic move for the club, they all competed at the qualifying round but one team was unable to make the final National Shield event. Cardiff University 2 and 3 made the journey, and with lots of developing talent we think there is a lot to come from these players.

Cardiff Met were the surprise package at their first qualifying event, beating established teams to take third. They encountered tougher competition in the next round but were able to qualify for the National Trophy, the only new university club to do so this season. We were left wondering what might have been though, as the club suffered injury after injury in the week leading up to the event, leaving them short of male players. Despite a strong showing, and their female players taking first and second highest scorers for their gender, they were disappointed to walk away with 15th out of 20, a result which doesn’t do them justice by far.

Aberystwyth had a challenging qualifying round but came back with a vengeance for the National Shield. They won their group, with three victories, but lost in a penalty shoot-out in the quarter-finals. They took one more win before their tournament was over though. As one of the remotest clubs in the UK, they have made a big impression in the Welsh league and at BUCS. They will only get stronger as they continue to grow, and the Welsh Korfball Association is committed to supporting the development of all new clubs within Wales.

If you, or someone you know, is attending university in Wales and would like information regarding current teams, or establishing a club, please get in contact with our Development Officer (