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Fixtures & Results

All the fixtures and results for the Welsh Korfball Team

Europeans 2014 – Group Games

Date Time Home Score Away Report
25th October 17:00 serbia_flag Serbia 19-18 (GG) Wales wales_flag Match report
26th October 16:00 wales_flag Wales 14-12 Turkey turkey_flag Match report
28th October 14:00 wales_flag Wales 12-16 Poland poland_flag Match report


Europeans 2014 – Knock Out Stages


Date Time Home Score Away Report
29th October 18:00 wales_flag Wales 11-13 Ireland wales_flag World Korfball
30th October 20:00 serbia_flag Serbia 18-15 Wales wales_flag World Korfball
1st November 14:00 turkey_flag Turkey 14-11 [attr style="text-align:left"]Wales wales_flag World Korfball