We’re looking for companies and individuals to help the team realise their dreams. See if you can help.

The Welsh Senior Korfball team are currently seeking new sponsors to help both the team and the sponsor, to reach their goals.

What can we offer?

Some of the key areas that your company can gain in include:

  • Promotional reach and awareness to a wide demographic range and a large number of individuals
  • Direct advertising and marketing to key audiences
  • Promotional talks by representatives to teams and clubs within Wales
  • Website advertising space
  • Web articles and exposure on the biggest korfball sites on today’s web

I’m interested!

Hey that’s great. To contact us regarding sponsorship please use the contact page and we will be keen to discuss anything further. Alternatively, if you prefer email internationals@welshkorfball.org and we will be happy to discuss opportunities.

Having one of our employees picking up the sponsorship package early in March, and the timing coinciding with a large marketing push by our creative team, the opportunity to sponsor the Welsh Korfball Team seemed like a great chance to expand our brand image.

During the event our internet hits rose by over 400% compared to our normal fortnightly volume, and our average hits have sustained an increase since the event. We also received multiple emails from potential clients directly because of the sponsorship that we undertook, and currently have taken on 3 new clients that heard of our company through the Welsh Team’s exposure and our sponsorship of the team. We definitely have seen a return-on-investment through these new clients.

The Welsh Team were easy to communicate with, prompt with replies and really helpful when it came to offering us exactly the sponsorship portfolio that we were after. With the team’s entry into the World Championships, we are in talks again with the team to see how we can increase our brand to a world-wide audience and how the WKA can help us with this aim.

Squashed Newt Ltd