The Cardiff Korfball Outdoor Summer League!

Korflite is back for 2015! The Cardiff Summer Korfball League will commence on Wednesday July 8th, Roath Park Recreation Ground, 7-8pm!


Korfball is an exciting mixed-team sport accessible to anyone, young or old, beginner or seasoned player; this is the perfect way to keep fit and socialise this summer!

Normally Korfball is played with teams of 4 boys and 4 girls but Korflite uses half-court games so teams only need a minimum of 2 boys and 2 girls! Just turn up and we will organise teams on the night.

The league will be played at Roath Park Recreation Grounds 19:00-20:00 every Wednesday evening, starting on July 8th.

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At the end of the summer league we will organise a social event to finish up the competition. If any nights are rained off then we’ll head to a nearby pub instead!


The basics of Korflite Korfball:

  • Korfball is largely non-contact. No tackling or taking the ball from an opponent’s hands!
  • When someone is between you and the post, and they are marking the ball, you are not allowed to shoot. You must get past them or into space first.
  • You cannot run with the ball or dribble as in Basketball. You can take two steps and shoot or as many as you need to stop.
  • Don’t mark the opposite sex! You can intercept passes but a male cannot mark a female and a female cannot mark a male.
  • The ball is not allowed to touch anything below the knee.