As we head into the Christmas break, let’s take a look at the standings in the Welsh National Korfball League! This year’s Christmas number 1 is Cardiff City Cyclones who carry a narrow lead, over Cardiff University firsts, into the holidays. Breathing closely down both their necks are Raptors 2 with a late surge of points. Cardiff University 2 are performing well, just a point behind Raptors 2, and are currently on track to equal their highest ever finish in the league.

In the second half of the table, Aberystwyth Red Kites lead the way in their debut season. Also in their first season, are Cardiff City Archers, a composite team of Cardiff City and Cardiff Met who have taken two wins so far to edge ahead of Raptors 3! Waiting for their opening points are Cardiff University 3, who have had some close encounters and we look forward to seeing them in action in the second half of the season!

Raptors 1 had a tough start to the Regional League campaign, but earned a crucial win against Exeter to ensure they reach the halfway point out of the relegation zone. A similar result in the second half of the season would see them clear of the play-offs, where we hope to see another Welsh team joining them in the competition!

From everyone at Wales Korfball, have a safe and happy holiday! #MerryChristmas #NadoligLlawen